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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1938. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Böhler is founded by Hermann Böhler in Heidelberg
  • Chilton transfer activities to Summit, in New Jersey
  • all Conklin assets are sold to a Chicago investor group
  • japanese brands are forced to use steel nibs, called shiro nib
  • Kaweco restilizes the Sport, with the two versions 609 (safety) and 612 (piston)
  • Luxor transfers the production facilities in Cologne
  • the Pilot logo take the "P" letter instead of "N"
  • Pilot is renamed as Pilot Pen Co., Ltd.
  • Tibaldi introduces the Impero (guess date, refers to the end of the '30s)
  • Waterman introduces the with the JiF French subsidiary the "Blue des Mers du Sud" light blue ink.



  • Patent US-2200042, applied in 1938, by Jaque A. Salz, Salz. Fountain pen.
  • Patent FR-841365, applied in 1938, Stylomine. Nouveau «conduit d'encre» pour stylographe.
  • Patent DE-689744, applied in 1938, by Heinrich Schwarting, Konrad Kressel, Montblanc. Füllfederhalterständer.
  • Patent GB-511521, applied in 1938, by Arthur E. Andrews, Mentmore. Improvements in or relating to stylographic pens.
  • Patent US-2189696, applied in 1938, by Arthur E. Andrews, William F. Johnson, Mentmore. Stylographic pen.
  • Patent US-2208460, applied in 1938, by David Kahn, Mack Seyforth, Wearever. Pen point and method of making the same.
  • Patent GB-488541, applied in 1938, by Ryosuke Namiki, Pilot. Improvements in Fountain-pens.
  • Patent US-2144296, applied in 1938, by Ryosuke Namiki, Pilot. Fountain pen.
  • Patent US-D112283, applied in 1938, by Benjamin W. Hanle, Eagle. Design for a fountain pen or similar article.
  • Patent FR-843941, applied in 1938, Edacoto. Perfectionnements aux porte-plume réservoir.
  • Patent DE-689408, applied in 1938, by Ernest Wüller, Unbranded. Füllfederhalter mit in seinem Haupttintenraum vorgesehenem Hilfstintenraum.
  • Patent GB-514513, applied in 1938, by Leslie William Johnson, Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Improvements in or relating to self-filling fountain pens.
  • Patent US-D116005, applied in 1938, by Leon H. Ashmore, Esterbrook. Design for a pen and pencil clip.
  • Patent US-D114095, applied in 1938, by Karl Weisser, Wearever. Design for a fountain pen and pencil clip.
  • Patent US-2152161, applied in 1938, by Milford G. Sypher, Chilton. Inlaid article and method of inlaying.
  • Patent US-D112401, applied in 1938, by Anatol N. Andrews, Unbranded. Design for a fountain pen or a similar article.
  • Patent NL-48900, applied in 1938, by Kabushikikaisha Namiki Seisakusho, Pilot. Vulpenhouder.
  • Patent FR-841451, applied in 1938, Bayard. Perfectionnements aux porte-plume à réservoir.
  • Patent DE-689266, applied in 1938, by Emil Ghüne, Albert Schneider, Soennecken. Taschenklammer an Verschlusskappen für Füllfederhalter und Füllstifte.
  • Patent DE-700837, applied in 1938, by Etienne Panici, Bayard. Fuellfederhalter mit einem Glasrohr und einer dieses umgebenden durchsichtigen Schutzhuelse.
  • Patent DE-696573, applied in 1938, by Albert Schneider, Soennecken. Kolbenfuellfederhalter mit einem auf der Schraubspindel des Kolbens axial verschiebbaren Drehknopf.
  • Patent GB-520445, applied in 1938, by Forrest Baird, Stephens. Improvements in and relating to closures for containers for liquids.
  • Patent FR-854177, applied in 1938, Stylomine. Nouveau corps de réservoir pour stylographe.
  • Patent GB-610253, applied in 1938, Stylomine. Improvements relating to self-filling fountain pens.



  1. date is taken from an article published on "Illustrazione Italiana", in an insert dedicated to autarkic productions, published as supplement to N. 17 of 1938, which reported the news that the production in the new plant in Arona would be starting in days.