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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1949. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Ancora introduces the Calamus (guess date, stands for the end of '40s)
  • Kaweco restilizes again the Sport, with the 112 version
  • Tiziana Record is founded by Pietro Cucco in Settimo Torinese as Tiziana Record di Cucco & Ferraris
  • Uhu starts writing instruments production



  • Patent GB-666830, applied in 1949, Geha. Improvements in or relating to fountain pens.
  • Patent DK-76166, applied in 1949, Geha. Improvements in or relating to fountain pens.
  • Patent US-D159978, applied in 1949, by Warren Green, Peter Schladermundt, Salz. Fountain pen or the like.
  • Patent FR-989530, applied in 1949, by Edward Terrell, Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Amélioration aux porte-plume réservoirs ou les concernant.
  • Patent GB-636823, applied in 1949, by Eric Ernest Samuel Wade, Charlesworth Livsey, Lang - Curzon - Summit. Improvements in pocket clips for fountain pens, pencils and the like.
  • Patent FR-990285, applied in 1949, Stylomine. Nouveau mode de réalisation de section de stylographe à plume capotée.
  • Patent DE-832559, applied in 1949, by Arnoldus Johann Michaël van der Akker, Unbranded. Schreibgerät mit konvergierenden Federspitzen.
  • Patent FR-991812, applied in 1949, by Pierre-Marie-Joseph Ledieu, Unbranded. Système régulateur d'alimentation pour porte-plumes réservoirs et similaires.
  • Patent DE-809514, applied in 1949, by Josef C. Lamy, Lamy. Vorschubeinrichtung fuer Fuellbleistifte, Kugelschreiber u. dgl..
  • Patent DE-820098, applied in 1949, by Paul Buschle, Compaktor. Federeinsatzteil fuer Fuellfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-802498, applied in 1949, by Rolf Pöhler, Franz Hammerschlag, Soennecken. Füllhalter mit Kolbenfüllung.
  • Patent FR-59403E, applied in 1949, Stylomine. Procédé et dispositif pour la fixation correcte des plumes de stylographes.
  • Patent DE-835853, applied in 1949, by Gregor Miltner, Faber-Castell. Füllfederhalter mit Schraubkolben und unverlierbarem Drehknopf.
  • Patent US-2678635, applied in 1949, by Henry C. Klagges, Harold E. Steinberg, Esterbrook. Writing equipment.
  • Patent DE-817414, applied in 1949, by Walter Fischer, Uhu. Verschlusskappe fuer Kugelschreiber.
  • Patent FR-990926, applied in 1949, Bayard. Perfectionnements aux clips pour stylographes et porte-mines.
  • Patent DE-818614, applied in 1949, by Etienne Panici, Bayard. Einhaengeklemme fuer Fuellfeder- und Bleistifthalter.
  • Patent GB-685706, applied in 1949, Eclipse. Improvements in and relating to ball point pens.
  • Patent CA-477244, applied in 1949, by William J. Tully et al, Eclipse. Ball point pens.
  • Patent DE-806331, applied in 1949, by Heinrich Hebborn, Heinrich Schlicksupp, Luxor. Kugelschreiber mit Vorratsbehaelter für Schreibflüssigkeit.
  • Patent DE-709836, applied in 1949, by Heinrich Hebborn, Heinrich Schlicksupp, Luxor. Kugelschreiber.
  • Patent GB-688902, applied in 1949, by Jonh George Burnham, Burnham. Improvements relating to fountain pens.
  • Patent DE-801614, applied in 1949, by Josef Ganter, Unbranded. Schreibeinsatz für Kugelschreiber.
  • Patent DE-816965, applied in 1949, by Konrad Kressel et al, Montblanc. Schreibkugel-Füllhalter.
  • Patent DE-804532, applied in 1949, by Heinrich Schwarting et al, Montblanc. Führungselement für Kolbenfüller.
  • Patent DE-804767, applied in 1949, by Heinrich Schwarting et al, Montblanc. Verschlusskappe fuer Schreibwerkzeuge.
  • Patent DE-846221, applied in 1949, by Heinrich Schwarting et al, Montblanc. Mechanik für Kolbenfüller.
  • Patent DE-958812, applied in 1949, Geha. Füllfederhalter mit Reservetintenraum.
  • Patent DE-1603609U, applied in 1949, Geha. Tintenleiter mit Schraubbuchse für Füllfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-1603609U, applied in 1949, Geha. Kolbendichtung für Füllfederhalter.
  • Patent DE-806413, applied in 1949, Uhu. Mit fluessiger Tinte gefuellter Kugelschreiber.
  • Patent DE-803094, applied in 1949, by Hermann Mayr, Unbranded. Patronen- und kartuschenloser Kugelschreiber.



  1. according to Dittmer and Lehemann.