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The Luxor was founded in 1925 in Heidelberg by Heinrich Hebborn. His young age avoided him to go in the WWI and he started working at a paper mill until, around 1921, he meet in Heidelberg Rudolph Weber, a Kaweco shareholder, with which he began to collaborate becoming head of the Cologne branch. In 1925 he associated with a merchant of Jewish origins, Leo Boettigheimer (who later died in Auschwitz in 1943) and with a Kaweco agent, Heinrich Schlicksupp. The three together gave birth to "H. Hebborn & Co.".

Although the company official name was H. Hebborn & Co. it was universally known by the name of its main brand: Luxor; besides this, maintaining an inspiration to the themes of ancient Egypt, it also used as a sub-brand Sphinx. In 1938, the company moved production facilities in Cologne.

In 1935, the company invented a telescopic piston filler (patent nº AT-149872) with two concentric sections which allowed to have a much shorter mechanism, resulting in more space for the ink reservoir. The mechanism was mounted on a model called Teleskop, and it seems that it is the same one that was later adopted also by Montblanc for its flagship models of the series 130 and 140.

Other well-known names for the models produced by the company are the following: Visible, Grandvisible, ...

The activities of the Luxor ended around the 70s with the acquisition by the Parker German branch, and today the brand is no more.

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