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Although the Mengoni name is found on some Minerva models, it is not related to a brand as such but related to the production done for Virginio Mengoni, owner of one of the most important pens and writing materials shop of Milan, placed first in Corso Vittorio Emanuele and then in Via Cantu, whose activities began in 1932.[1]

In the 30s Mengoni joined Edward Russo Webber for the production of Saratoga, for which it is co-holder of the first registration trademark (Reg. Gen. N. 63047), the trademark on the shape of the arrow clip (Reg. Gen. N. 63465) used in earlier models, and the Inco brand (Reg. Gen. N. 63398) used for the Standard version of 40s and for inkwells.

The Saratoga partnership did not last long, at least judging by the subsequent re-registration of the trademark (Reg. Gen. N. 64297) by Webber exclusively in his name. After the war Mengoni still continued his pens production, though branded Saratoga's (Reg. Gen. N. 78484). It is a of low quality production geared towards the market low end, produced presumably in the Settimo Torinese district, with desk pens and piston filler models.

In addition to the Saratoga's, is attributable to Mengoni the F.O.R.T. trademark found on some Minerva models, being the owner (Reg. Gen. N. 63662) of it. Are also attributable to Mengoni the brands: Fonteblu (Reg. Gen. N. 63376), Inch (Reg. Gen. N. 63413) and Coloniale (Reg. Gen. N. 67310). The activity continued until 1957, year of the Mengoni company business end.

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  1. although Letizia Jacopini in her book "La storia della stilografica in Italia" indicates 1934, the company was certainly active earlier, appearing in this page of the 1932-33 edition of the Annuario Italiano that was published in August 1932.