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This page is a translated version of the page Aiuto:Caricare un file and the translation is 100% complete.

Uploading a file or an image is very simple; the first step is to login to the site by clicking on the "Login" link at the top right since only registered users are allowed to insert files. In the left bar there is a toolbar where the link "Upload a file" appears, which is the one that allows you to enter a file. You can also use the link in the box next on the right.

Clicking on it you are sent to a page divided into three parts, the first contains a line to enter the name of the file with the next button browse that allows you to search for it on your disk. Once selected the file will appear a preview. Only certain file formats are allowed, and the system will notice if the file you want to upload has already been loaded with another name.

Below another line allows you to enter the name of the file as it will appear on the site: it is this name that will be referred to in the pages of the wiki, and that is what you refer to in the other pages of explanations listed below. Keep in mind that case always count, apart from the initial letter. So a .JPG is different from a .jpg.

Finally, the last part provides a text field in which to enter the wiki code for the page associated with the file. For the latter you can refer to the one contained in any other similar page of the site but again more details are given below.

The site follows some general conventions regarding the images (either photographs or scans) that are uploaded, to allow a classification and a generic ordering. For this reason, the page of each image, which is created automatically when you upload a file, has a standardized content. As with ordinary pages, the easiest way to set the content is to copy a page of the same type already present on the site.

The various images have been grouped in a homogeneous way according to the subject; the photos of pens are to be included in the category Photos, the scans of instruction manuals, warranty and instruction sheets in the category Instructions and the scans of advertising in the category Ads, the photos related to repairs in the category Photo Repairs.

The same criteria have been adopted for the insertion of documents in PDF or DJVU formats, such as those used for the pages of the Patents or for the calligraphy texts of the Shared library, so depending on the type of file you are uploading, please consult the additional pages: