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This page is a translated version of the page Aiuto:Caricare un brevetto and the translation is 100% complete.

The list of patents is one of the easiest sections from which to start contributing, as it is basically a matter of getting the PDF of a patent (for legal reasons use the website of the German office for Europeans and Free Patent Online for Americans), and upload it.

In this case, the file name must strictly follow the convention adopted, which allows you to automatically generate links to the file, so all patent files must be assigned with a name in the form:


where XX is the two-letter code of the country in which the patent was obtained, the same one that is inserted in the template illustrated below for the field "Country", and NNNNNN is the number of the patent, which is inserted in the template illustrated below for the field "PatentNum".

In the text of the page must then be inserted the various information relating to the patent with the appropriate template, this means that you must insert in text similar to the following:

|Inventor=Inventor name (read from the patent, if more than one put them separated by commas)
|Assignee=Assignee (read from patent)
|Country=US (two-letter code)
|ApplicationNum=(application number)
|ApplicationDate=1901-04-24 (date of application/application, from patent, ISO format)
|PatentNum=719529 (patent number, should be the same of the file name)
|PatentDate=1903-02-03 (date of registration, from patent)
|PriorityDate=1901-04-24 (priority date, usually the same as application)
|Titolo=Patent title (read from patent)
|Marca = Brand name (the one used in the wiki, Waterman, Sheaffer, etc.)
|Descrizione=Short description (maximum one line)
A little longer description. Possibly containing references to other patents with 
or the fact that it is the same patent obtained in another country 
with {{SamePatent|XX|NNNNNN}}.

The data format is described in more detail on the template page, at this address.