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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1912. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • A. A. Waterman loses the lawsuit filed by Waterman and should mark his fountain pens as Not Connected with the L. E. Waterman Company
  • Etienne Forbin registers Bayard trademark
  • Fratelli Cavaliere is founded by Giuseppe Cavaliere, Aldo Cavaliere, Carlo Cavaliere in Milano
  • Montegrappa is founded by Edwige Hoffman, Heinrich Helm in Bassano del Grappa as Manifattura Pennini Oro per Stilografiche - The Elmo Pen
  • Monterosa is founded by Fritz Dimmler in Zurich
  • the first fountain pens marked Sheaffer were produced[1]



  • Patent US-1049465, applied in 1912, by William F. Duryea, Salz. Self-filling pen.
  • Patent GB-191203230, applied in 1912, by Cecil Bristow, Swan. Improvements in or relating to Stylographic Pens.
  • Patent DE-255378, applied in 1912, Klio-Werk. Füllfederhalter mit versenkbarer Schreibfeder, die durch Drehen des Halterkopfes unter Hubbegrenzung vor- und zurückgeschoben wird.
  • Patent GB-191210727, applied in 1912, by Mavro Moster et al, Penkala. Improvements in Pen Holders.
  • Patent DE-264882, applied in 1912, Klio-Werk. Füllfederhalter mit einem vom Tintenbehälter zur Schreibfeder führenden nachgiebigen Schlauch.
  • Patent US-1051670, applied in 1912, by Claes W. Boman, Eagle. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent US-1060137, applied in 1912, by Julius L. Schnell, Schnell. Self-filler fountain-pen.
  • Patent GB-191129078, applied in 1912, by August Eberstein, Ernest M. Wade, Lang - Curzon - Summit. Improvements in or relating to Self-filling Fountain or Reservoir Pens.
  • Patent DE-264883, applied in 1912, by Felix Riesemberg, Unbranded. Füllfederhalter mit am oberen Ende des Halterschafts angeordnetem Gummibal.
  • Patent GB-191218716, applied in 1912, by Felix Riesenberg, Unbranded. Improvements in and relating to Fountain Pens.
  • Patent US-1051671, applied in 1912, by Claes W. Boman, Eagle. Fountain-pen.
  • Patent DE-265018, applied in 1912, by Justin Gilbert, Unbranded. Füllfederhalter, bei dem durch Auseinanderzeihen des aus zwei gegeneinander verschieb-baren Hülsen bestehenden Federhaltschaftes eine Luftleere zum Ansaugen der Tinte gebildet wird.
  • Patent US-1080347, applied in 1912, by Frank Amos Jhonson, Waterman. Multiple-writing machine.



  1. the most part of the Sheaffer chronology take as reference the article: A HISTORY OF SHEAFFER PEN AND WALTER A. SHEAFFER ITS FOUNDER, published by the company itself; until noted otherwise this should be considered the source of the info.