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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1923. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Autopoint Pencil Company is bought by Realite Pencil Company and renamed Autopoint Products Company
  • Chilton is founded by Seth Chilton Crocker in Boston as Chilton Pen Company
  • Fratelli Rossi Vicenza is founded by Rinaldo Rossi, Marcello Rossi in Sandrigo as Fratelli Rossi - Penne Stilografiche e Materiali Pressati
  • Pilot introduces the first hard rubber lacquer coated models
  • Scripto is founded by Monie A. Ferst in Atlanta as M. A. Ferst Company



  • Patent US-1475953, applied in 1923, by David Klein, Eclipse. Lever for self-filler fountain pens.
  • Patent US-1475954, applied in 1923, by David Klein, Eclipse. Self-filling fountain pen.
  • Patent US-1645167, applied in 1923, by George A. Theobald, Theodore A. Olson, John Hancock. Die-casting machine.
  • Patent US-1514002, applied in 1923, by George M. Kracker, Kraker. Fountain pen or the like.
  • Patent US-1510613, applied in 1923, by Edward M. Slack, Unbranded. Combined pencil and fountain-pen construction.
  • Patent US-1526365, applied in 1923, by Charles S. Nudelman, Schnell. Combined fountain-pen and pencil.
  • Patent DE-396083, applied in 1923, Montblanc. Verfahren zum Anbringen einer Einlage in die Stirnflaeche von Federhaltern.
  • Patent GB-222913, applied in 1923, by Arthur Gilbert, Mentmore. Improvements relating to polishing machines.
  • Patent FR-568196, applied in 1923, by Etienne Luciani-Tournon, Unbranded. Porte-taille crayon.
  • Patent GB-217783, applied in 1923, by William Livsey, Lang - Curzon - Summit. Improvements in or relating to means for retaining pens, pencils, and the like, in the pockets of garments.
  • Patent GB-220435, applied in 1923, by Karl Fend, Fend. Pencil holder.
  • Patent FR-570444, applied in 1923, by Karl Fend, Fend. Porte-mine.
  • Patent DE-404517, applied in 1923, Montblanc. Verschliessbarer Tintenbehälter zum Füllen selbstansaugender Füllfederhalter.