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The Ditta Luigi Pagliero company, later renamed Fratelli Pagliero and then Luigi Pagliero e F. was founded by Luigi Pagliero in 1917[1] in Settimo Torinese, as a company working various materials (bone, horn, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl) for the production of everyday objects (buttons for the most part, but also combs, mouthpieces for pipes, etc..). With the fountain pens production boom of the '20s it was not too difficult for the company, which had already the necessary type of working machinery, to start producing and processing pens or parts of pens on behalf of other companies.[2]
  1. that's the date, according to Letizia Jacopini, but there is trace of an early activity on button production with a trademark registered as back as 1902 (Reg. Gen. N. 5454).
  2. Letizia Jacopini in his book of reports relations with Aurora and with the Giacomazzi company in Settimo.