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Company history began in 1921 in Settimo Torinese, when the brothers Pietro and Girolamo Giacomazzi, who had worked for Pagliero, began to work on their own to start a company together with Felice Favetta.[1] Initial activities were related to the turning of materials such as ivory, galalith and bone. The attention to fountain pens production seems to be derived from the Pietro son, Dino, that at dissolution of the partnership with Felice Favetta focused the company on this kind of activities.

Giacomazzi worked mainly in manufacturing for third parties, and branded pens in his name are unknown at least until the '50s. The only brand they definitely own is the Olimpica for which there is a record in 1944 by Dino Giacomazzi (Reg. Gen. N. 90736), other brands with quality production attributed to Giacomazzi are Point red (which, however, was an Ubaldo Massari of Mastilo trademark), Sirium and Sirium Extra.[2]

But as testified by Pier Luigi Giacomazzi, other productions have been made on commission by the company, for Everest, Aster, Silpa, Omer, Morans and Aviostil.

  1. the Giacomazzi data come from the Silvio Bertotto book "Settimo Torinese - Una città in punta di penna".
  2. but for the latter there is an evidence, on a pen this branded was found (see discussion) a reference to the utility model N. 22111 registered by the "Fratelli Giacomazzi".
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