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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1954. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Cross enters ballpoint market
  • Ero is founded by Ernst Rodenhäuser in Ober-Ramstadt
  • japanese nibs have the JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) mark imprinted
  • Omas start producing the 361 in plastic
  • Waterman USA ceases production, but Jif-Waterman is still active
  • Wilson is founded by Giuseppe Toffali in Settimo Torinese



  • Patent DE-1692370U, applied in 1954, Montblanc. Schreibgerät, wie Füllfederhalter, mit Verschlusskappe.
  • Patent GB-772321, applied in 1954, Waterman. Heat sealed thermoplastic tubes and method of manufacture thereof.
  • Patent FR-1125376, applied in 1954, Waterman. Cartouche d'encre et son procédé de fabrication.
  • Patent US-2811948, applied in 1954, by David Kahn, Morris Levy, Wearever. Locking device for fountain pen.
  • Patent DE-1034066, applied in 1954, by Josef C. Lamy, Lamy. Ausbildung und Anordnung der Tintenfuehrung und der Federbefestigung bei Fuellhaltern.
  • Patent DE-963224, applied in 1954, by Ernst Rösler, Konrad Kressel, Montblanc. Kolben für Füllfederhalter.
  • Patent US-D178033, applied in 1954, by Robert G. Plantholt et al, Waterman. Fountain pen.
  • Patent US-D177359, applied in 1954, by Robert G. Plantholt et al, Waterman. Fountain pen.
  • Patent US-2802448, applied in 1954, by Donald H. Young, Waterman. Fountain pen construction and ink cartridge therefor.