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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1932. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Panici Freres & Co is renamed Stylo Bayard and the trademark "Bayard" is engraved on clips
  • Ceriani is founded by Davide Ceriani in Sesto Calende as Primaria Fabbrica Penne Stilografiche
  • Contessa is founded by Augusto De Bernardi in Genova
  • Mengoni is founded by Virginio Mengoni in Milano
  • Uhu is founded by August Fischer in Baden as UHU Werk H.u.M.
  • Zerollo is founded by Dante Davide Zerollo in Genova


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  • Patent US-1954952, applied in 1932, by Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Fountain pen.
  • Patent GB-390585, applied in 1932, by Edward Stephen Sears, Swan. Improvements in, or relating to, Fountain Pens.
  • Patent US-D086826, applied in 1932, by Herbert L. Carman, Swan. Design for a fountain pen.
  • Patent DE-602807, applied in 1932, Montblanc. Graviermaschine für Füllfederhalter u. dgl..
  • Patent GB-387844, applied in 1932, by Kabushiki Kaisha Namiki Seisakusho, Pilot. Improved Manufacture of Writing Inks.
  • Patent FR-732570, applied in 1932, Pilot. Fabrication perfectionnée d'encres à écrire.
  • Patent US-1957677, applied in 1932, by Henry F. Soper, Edgar P. Sparks, Waterman. Liquid container and housing.
  • Patent US-D090117, applied in 1932, by Gabriel Larsen, Waterman. Design for a clip for pen or similar article.
  • Patent FR-734996, applied in 1932, by Lous Moratille, Edacoto. Encrier perfectionné.
  • Patent GB-396879, applied in 1932, by Andrew Stuart Horn, Unbranded. Improvements in or relating to Fountain or Reservoir Pens.
  • Patent GB-479937, applied in 1932, by Frederick Charles Bina, Francis Frederick Barrey, Swan. Improvements in or relating to pencil holders.
  • Patent US-1917185, applied in 1932, by Milford G. Sypher, Chilton. Fountain pen and the like.
  • Patent FR-750689, applied in 1932, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Porte-plume à réservoir à «plume-pointe», pouvant être à débit d'encre régularisé, permettant les très grandes contenances.
  • Patent FR-737250, applied in 1932, by Ourest Pousino, Unbranded. Porte-plume à réservoir à nouveau dispositif de remplissage.
  • Patent US-1926852, applied in 1932, by Benjamin W. Hanle, Eagle. Clip for writing implements or the like.
  • Patent FR-739163, applied in 1932, Edacoto. Perfectionnements aux porte-plume à réservoir.
  • Patent GB-406073, applied in 1932, by Lionel Gunsberg, Lang - Curzon - Summit. Improvements in and relating to Ink Wells and in particular Ink Wells suitable for use with Self-filling Fountain Pens.
  • Patent US-D089939, applied in 1932, by Henry H. Soper, Waterman. Design for an ink bottle cap.
  • Patent FR-759525, applied in 1932, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Perfectionnement aux porte-plume réservoir permettant de très grosses contenances.
  • Patent DE-610352, applied in 1932, Montblanc. Einrichtung für Tintenbehälter, insbesondere Selbstfüller-Tintenbehälter, zum Füllen von Selbstfüllhaltern.
  • Patent GB-412610, applied in 1932, by Edward S. Wood, Leon H. Ashmore, Esterbrook. Improvements in or relating to fountain pens.