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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1925. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Ancora carries the production to Sesto Calende
  • Eclipse opens a canadian branch as indipendent company
  • Fratelli Cavaliere is founded by Giuseppe Cavaliere, Aldo Cavaliere, Carlo Cavaliere in Milano
  • KWG is founded by Frederik Grube, Heinrich Woringen, J. Knust in Wiesloch
  • Luxor is founded by Heinrich Hebborn in Heidelberg as H. Hebborn & Co.
  • Montegrappa is bought by Alessandro Marzotto and Domenico Manea
  • Montegrappa started the production of Montegrappa branded models
  • Omas is founded by Armando Simoni in Bologna as Officine Meccaniche Armando Simoni
  • Platignum is founded in Londra as Platignum Pen Company
  • Postal is founded in New York as Postal Pen Company Inc.
  • Tropen is founded by Gustav Schroeder in Ludenscheid
  • Wirt is incorporated ad Paul Wirt Pen Co.
  • Wirt is sold by its founder, it will continue production for a few years


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  • Patent FR-593376, applied in 1925, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Fixation et alimentation d'une plume de porte-plume réservoir.
  • Patent US-1576588, applied in 1925, by Marx Finstone, Eclipse. Art of manufacturing fountain-pen caps and barrels.
  • Patent FR-594143, applied in 1925, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Dispositif de sécurité pour stylographes.
  • Patent DE-447802, applied in 1925, by Rokusaburo Namiki, Pilot. Schreibstift mit zwei Schreibspitzen.
  • Patent FR-595963, applied in 1925, by Eugene Moreau, Paillard. Porte-plume réservoir.
  • Patent US-1600293, applied in 1925, by Ryosuke Namiki, Pilot. Method of working upon surfaces of ebonite articles.
  • Patent GB-247038, applied in 1925, by Ryosuke Namiki, Pilot. Improvements in Methods of Working Upon Surfaces of Ebonite and other Vulcanized Rubber Articles.
  • Patent FR-601664, applied in 1925, by Yves Zuber, Stylomine. Perfectionnement aux porte-mines.
  • Patent US-1800330, applied in 1925, by John C. Wahl, Albert H. Stenersen, Wahl Eversharp. Fountain-pen-filling device.
  • Patent US-1610275, applied in 1925, by Marx Finstone, Eclipse. Pen and pencil clip.