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Filling systems

The filling system often referred to simply as snorkel (although this is only one of the components) was introduced by Sheaffer in 1952 with the Snorkel Pen. The system represents an evolution of the previous Touch Down, and the filling mechanism in fact is exactly the same, and uses a pneumatic compression realized in the same way.

The novelty is not so much the way in which the ink is aspirated as the fact that in this case it is no longer necessary to fill the pen by dipping the nib inside the bottle. During the opening phase, in fact, it is possible to extend through the feeder a small metal tube (the snorkel) with an aeration duct that allows the passage of the ink through it instead of through the nib.

It is undoubtedly one of the most complex (and in some ways fascinating) filling systems ever used, which allows you not to dirty the nib and for this reason it was widely publicized. The main disadvantage is the capacity, generally in fact the loading unit that contains the sac is quite small and the pen contains little ink.

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