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Italian brand, on which there is very little historical information. It's known for the production of 18 carat gold overlays for safeties (marked 18 KR) of excellent workmanship, with beautiful decorations cantilevered or filigree. The Europa brand is listed on both in the pen and the nib. It is not known when production started, we will arbitrarily assume the 1930 to manage the chronology.

It is not clear whether the brand was linked to an independent company or a third party production. The few available documentary sources originate from Cesare Marinai catalogs, where this brand appears along with other related to the Fratelli Cavaliere production, confirmed by some of them having the Linda Darnes punch. The production sold by Marinai reports explicitly the CM punch. Production continued also after the war, with hooded nib pens with laminated metal coating (as in this example).

Available material: