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German company, founded in 1873 in Frankfurt (?) by some banks. Its original name was Deutsche Gold und Silber Scheideanstalt (Society of extraction of gold and silver) of which Degussa is an abbreviation. The company was very active in the field of chemistry and produced pens produced in gold and precious metals for jewelers with a base in Pforzheim.

In 1932 it acquired the manufacturing nibs division from Osmia creating a factory in Dossenheim. His nibs are distinguished by a logo consisting of a horizontal rhombus divided in two, with the sun on the right side and the moon on the left side. It was active as an independent company in the nibs production until the Second World War; after the war it was acquired by Reform. The nibs production was maintained in Dossenheim until 1970. Currently the brand is owned by Evonik Industries that operates in the field of chemistry.

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