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An Electa from '30s/'40s.

The "Officina Meccanica D. Ceriani" activities, a company based in Sesto Calende, are originating at least from the 1932,[1] and go up to the 50s. At least in 1939,[2] the company becomes the "Fabbrica Penne Stilografiche Cav. D. Ceriani" and Letizia Jacopini reports also the additional designation "Primaria Fabbrica Penne Stilografiche" of Cav. Davide Ceriani.

The company has always been present on the market using a number of different brands name, the first of these, Electa (Reg. Gen. N. 46322), was reserved for the first tier production. In addition to this brand (with the variant Electa Extras), the other main brand name used by the company wes Regina (Reg. Gen. N. 46324). In addition to these were used the Balilla (Reg. Gen. N. 46323, confirmed by a 1931/32 advertising), Gloria (Reg. Gen. N. 60704), and Topolino (Reg. Gen. N. 49345) brands for the lower-end production.

The initial production models included gold rolled overlay models, safety models and Duofold style flat top pens as much of the Italian production of that period. In subsequent years, the style continued to follow the general trends of the Italian market, with streamlined pens in Doric (or Omas Extra) style equipped with wheel clips.

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  1. we assumes this year from the registration of the main trademark, Electa, as well as the other two Balilla and Regina, but it's an upper limit, and is quite probable that the company was older.
  2. according to the registration of the Gloria trademark.