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Italian company. There are no known accurate data on the origins of this company, whose name, as reported by Letizia Jacopini in his book ("La storia della stilografica in Italia") would be an acronym for "Consorzio Italiano Stilografiche e Affini", a group of companies (presumably the district of Settimo Torinese) active in the late '30s and early to mid '40s. In fact the trademark is registered in Turin in 1944 (Reg. Gen. N. 90707) as "Casa Italiana Stilografiche e Affini di Carlo Caramello". He had previously (1939) also recorded the trademarks Amica (Reg. Gen. N. 61381) and Ariana (Reg. Gen. N. 61382). It is unclear whether this is a case of coincidence, but it does not seem likely.

In November 1949 there was the registration with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin (as shown in this excerpt from the fortnightly published by the same) of the "STILOTECNICA di CARAMELLO e C." for fountain pens and related items resale in Turin, Corso Matteotti 10. At the same address in the Guida Paravia of Turin in 1952 is listed "C.I.S.E.A. Casa Italiana Stilografiche e Affini". It is unclear whether this is the opening of a store or a change of business by Carlo Caramello.

There are similarities between the celluloid used for pens branded CISEA and some Olo and ASCO models, which has given rise to the possibility of some connection with the Aurora, but only for the low-end production, an hypothesis supported by the presence of fountain pen marked Amica Cisea, with the Amica trademark, believed to have been used by Aurora for the production of advertising pens, because of the identity of the finish and metal detailing found on these pens with those of Olo.

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