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This page contains the chronology for the year. We summarize in this page all the relevant events regarding fountain pens that happened in 1892. We also list, if present in our database, any patent applied in the year, and also the ads or document scans which publication date is in the same year.


  • Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik, that will become Kaweco, begins fountain pen production[1]
  • Roeder is founded by S. Roeder in Berlino as S. Roeder - Stahlfeder und Füllfederhalterfabrik



  • Patent CH-6035, applied in 1892, Roeder. Federförmiges Schreibwerkzeug aus Aluminium zum Schreiben auf Schiefertafeln.



  1. the most part of the Kaweco chronology is obtained form the information that were published by the company itself (no more on-line) and from the new company history published here and now here.