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Today, as it happened for many other historical brands, [[Conklin]] was rebuild in 2000 and operates now as ''Conklin Pen Co. Inc.'' Its pens are essentially some replica of the successful models of the brand golden years, but as it happens for most of the modern pens, they have no particular qualities that can distinguish them from other pens, especially when compared with their beautiful ancestor.
<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">{{BrandCrono}}|-| 1897 || ''Roy Conklin'' patented the [[crescent filler]]|-| 1898 || ''Roy Conklin'' founded the ''Self-Filling Fountain Pen Company''|-| 1901 || The ''Self-Filling Fountain Pen Company'' was renamed ''Conklin Pen Manufacturing Company''|-| 1903 || An aggressive advertising campaign was started having Mark Twain as testimonial|-| 1904 || ''Roy Conklin'' retires selling his quotes on the company (or 1907)|-| 1907 || The ''Conklin Pen Manufacturing Company'' was renamed ''Conklin Pen Company'' (do not match with patent data)|-| 1916 || The spring clip was patented|-| 1921 || Introduced the first [[lever filler]] models|-| 1923 || Introduced the [[Duragraph]] model|-| 1924 || Introduced the celluloid material and [[Duragraph]] was renamed as [[Endura]]|-| 1925 || The [[crescent filler]] was retired|-| 1929 |BrandChrono| Introduced the [[Symetrik]] model (or 1930?)|-| 1929 || Retired the ''[[flat top]]'' [[Endura]] model (or 1930?)|-| 1930 || Started the [[All-American]] economy line|-| 1931 || Introduced the [[Nozac]] model|-| 1934 || Introduced the ''word gauge'' on [[Nozac]] |-| 1937 || Introduced the [[One Stroke]] |-| 1938 || Introduced the [[Glider]] model|-| 1938 || Toledo plants were closed and the production was moved to Chicago|-| 1948 || [[Conklin]] ceases production|- {{TabEnd}}</span>
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