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The insertion of the biographical data of a person, currently used mainly in the biographies of calligraphers whose texts are collected in the Shared Library, must be done through a special template, which allows you to generate a uniform formatting of pages, automatically insert the space to upload an image of the person and automatically compile the text gallery of which he is the author.

For this reason, the text to be inserted in the page must have the following form, which can be copied directly from here taking care to modify with the correct data the parts after the character "=" (the rest must remain identical so as not to spoil the operation of the template that manages the information):

|Nome=First name and surname
|Nato=Place, Date/Year of birth (comma must separate place from date)
|Morto=Place, Date/Year of Death (optional)
|Riassunto=Short summary description (maximum one line)
|Fonte=Origin of the biography (name and surname of the author of the biography)
|Biografia=Text of the biography,

broken also on more lines and with the ordinary formatting of the wiki, for example you can put inside it a picture with something like:
and continue to write...

Using the previous text, the space for an image of the character will be automatically created on the top right page. This image can be loaded independently but must have a file name in the form:


if you have to load it, you can do so by automatically obtaining the right name by clicking on the link in the empty box.