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Italian brand, on which very little historical information is known.[1] It's known for the production of safety pens with rolled medium quality overlays. There are no known trademarks, or other data related to the origins of the company, and the characteristics of the pens do not present evident similarities with other productions that could provide indications on their possible origin as production on commission; this however has been proven by the finding of some specimens that have the logo of Montegrappa stamped on the cap; it is not clear if this can be the only origin, and it has also been suggested a production by Uhlmann's Eterno, but in this case there is no evidence.

There are also some medium quality celluloid models, with button filling system characterized by the Standard Fountain Pen imprint. Again we do know almost nothing (even if they may be or not related to safety models above), although the use of a full english name could favor the hypothesis of a production made before the promulgation of the fascist laws on forced Italianisation of names.

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