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The Morison was founded in 1918 by Torajirou Tanigawa under the name Kikaku Pen Company. The company initially produced pens in black chased hard rubber with a good success in Asian countries. In 1933, the company changed its name to Morison (not to be confused with the American Morrison, as sometimes happens) for purely commercial reasons, since at that time American and British pens had a greater consideration in the Japanese market.

During the war the company's facilities were converted to the war effort in the production of ammunition, becoming a greedy military target. The plants were completely destroyed by American bombing, but after the war the company was rebuilt with the same name.

Although Morison has never been one of the biggest Japanese manufacturers, and has not distinguished itself for stylistic or technical innovations, his fountain pens have always been of high quality, and the company is still on the market, even if only for the production of ballpoint pens and office equipment.

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