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The Goldfink brand remained on the market around from 10s to 60s. It does not come from a fountain pens manufacturer, instead the production was contracted to third parties by a large chain of stores selling stationery, headquartered in Berlin Friedrichstrasse 77, one of the main streets of downtown.

The earliest production consists of safety models of excellent quality comparable to the Montblanc one. In the 30s a catalog allows to have references to a series of models: Wunderfüller ', characterized by a particular button filler, in which the latter was operated by the rotation of the pad; Standard (Sechskantkopf) a safety filler with octagonal shaped head and cap; Alexander, a safety with rounded ends in the common German style; Liebling, a button filler, Druckfüller a button filler. Besides these, the company was producing luxury models with precious metals (silver and solid gold) overlays, and mechanical pencils.

The Goldfink, who opened up to seven stores in Berlin, had its heyday in the '30s, in the heyday of the German capital, becoming one of the leading German stationery manufacturers; regarding the pens production those were made by the various third parties: from Melbi of Odenwald, from Columbus of Fürth and from Fend of Pforzheim. In this period there was the creation of the Doppeltank system, a double ink reservoir. After the war, with the division of Germany and the loss of importance of the capital, the company also suffered a decline, although the shop Goldfink stood still in business. The brand has recently been brought back to life for a production of handcrafted pens.

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