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The company, whose full name is Ditta Stilo-Everest, was based in Turin in via Martiri Fascisti (as reflected by some catalogs) but in this advertisement from 1943 is reported to be in via Card. Maurizio 14 and in this advertisement from 1947 is reported via Superga 25. There is no known foundation date, and the trademark was registered (Reg. Gen. N. 80254) only after the war (1947).

In the Paravia guide for Turin of 1948, in the fountain pen section, the "F.A.V. Fabbricazione Accessori Vari" appears at the same address of Via Card. Maurizio 14, but it is not possible to be sure (given the appearance of another Stilo Everest address in an earlier advertisement) that this is the same company, although it is possible that is it the address of a selling point.

It is not known whether this is a direct manufacturer or just a retailer, but in the models shown in those catalogs seems evident a remarkable similarity with the productions of companies like Montegrappa and SAFIS, and it's also reported a production commissioned to Giacomazzi.

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