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A Swan advertisement for the Merle Blanc brand

The Blackbird brand was introduced by Swan before 1914,[1] to distinguish its economic production. The pens, as well as by name, were identified, as the the main brand versions, by the stylized logo of the bird from which they get the name (i.e. the blackbird).

Generally Blackbird pens follow the models used by the main brand, of which they share the colour numbering and part of the numbering scheme, but are distinguished by the prefix BB, and at least initially, by the use of only the unit number corresponding to the nib. These pens are generally produced with the simplest of the available filling systems (mostly lever filler), although in parallel to the model Visofil was also introduced a model, the Blackbird Topfiller, with a similar filling system (see patent nº GB-514513).

The same brand seems to have been used (as Le Merle) for production destined to French market. There is also [2] a different name found on a exemplar bearing the engraving: LE MERLE BLANC, MADE BY THE "SWAN" PEN PEOPLE, FABRIQUE EN ANGLETERRE, and the same name, Merle Blanc also appears in the advertising on the side.

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  1. no precise date is known, we refer to this date which is quoted in this article where it says that the oldest found (with eyedropper filler) is prior to this, which is the year of the foundation of "Mabie Todd and Co. Limited".
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