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According to Letizia Jacopini the brand was used by the Milan company "Fabbrica Italiana di Penne Stilografiche - La Italianissima di Giuseppe Olivieri". The trademark, however, was deposited in the 1931 (Reg. Gen. N. 43857) by Giacomo Capella, also in Milan, year that we assume, in the absence of more detailed results, as the beginning of the brand. The origins of the company are therefore somewhat uncertain, and the identification with the Italianissima brand is far from obvious, even if a relationship with the company of Olivieri is proven by this flyer for the Milan Fair of 1946.

The production saw well made laminated safety models marked Atlantica, with hard rubber versions whose production is attributed to Montegrappa. The production of the '30s and '40s is characterized by the use of bright colors celluloid with the logo printed on the body. The initial '30s production seems to prefer the button filler while that of the 40's the lever filler.

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