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An Astura 82

The "Astura" brand was probably born, alongside the brand Radius, with the restructuring and change of name of The King that gives life to SAFIS, and it was dedicated for the production into the economic range.

The production under this brand saw an huge variety of different models made with the most different filling systems and the most varied forms, in a sort of trial both technical and stylistic. There is no known start date for its use, but the trademark was registered by SAFIS in 1936 (Reg. Gen. N. 54056) which in the absence of more precise indications we will also assume to be the year of the production beginning.

The production is dated to be in the period from the 30s to mid 50s. Although clearly low-end pens, there are particularly interesting models like the versions with a special vacuum filling system, made of transparent celluloid.

The "Astura" brand production of the '30s and '40s is extremely varied, with a production oriented towards economic pens with wide distribution, made in ​​numerous variants of finishes, shapes and colors. In the '50s, with the crisis caused by the advent of disposable ballpoint pens, were produced ever cheaper and low quality models.

"Astura" production seems to be terminated in the second half of the 50s, like the Radius one, likely due to the cessation of the activities of the parent company SAFIS, probably take out of the market by the success of the ballpoint pen. But there is no reliable documents or specific details for the cessation of activities.

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