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This page is a translated version of the page Aiuto:Gestione lingue sidebar and the translation is 100% complete.

The content management of the sidebar is obtained by editing the Mediawiki:Sidebar pages, the operation is reserved for administrators. The content of this page is in the form:

* header
** target|name

the syntax and content management is very twisted, for those interested please refer to the documentation page of Mediawiki, here we will put only essential information.

In our case the choice is to have values for the "target" in the form "something-cat" when pointing to a category and "something-url" when pointing to a page. Exceptions are the values used for the names "Forum" and "Blog" whose targets are simple external links that are used as they are.

For the localization the mechanism is to indicate as content of the "target" an intermediate page. To access the content of the target you need to use the namespace "Mediawiki", for example for the portal history was used the target "storia-url" and its page is Mediawiki:storia-url, whose content is the name of the intermediate page, in the case of "Storia", this content leads directly to the page Storia, where you entered a simple redirection to the final content, Portale_Storia. For the English translation it was enough to create the page Storia/en whose content is the redirection to the page History_portal, and the system of automatic redirection to the content of your language will bring who uses the English localization on it (otherwise the default will be used). For other translations it will be enough to repeat the thing, for example by creating Storia/fr with the redirection inside to the relative final page with name in French.

The field "name" indicates the text that will appear in the sidebar as the name of the page, for this field there are a number of default values that are automatically translated into various languages, for example the name "mainpage" automatically becomes "Pagina principale" in Italian, "Main Page" in English, and so on. However, if you indicate a "name" that does not have a default value will be used directly as the text that appears in the sidebar. But you can assign one at will simply by editing the corresponding page in the namespace "Mediawiki" and put the translations of the same in the translations of that page. Taking the previous example, for the history portal we used the name "storia" and we created its content in the page MediaWiki:storia, simply inserting the name "storia" which is what appears in Italian. For the other languages it is enough to insert the translated name in the translation page, for example for English it was enough to create the page MediaWiki:Storia/en with content "history". This can be repeated in a similar way with any other language (MediaWiki:Storia/fr, etc.).