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This page is a translated version of the page Aiuto:Caricare una pubblicità and the translation is 100% complete.

As for the documents and the photos of pens, also for the scans of advertising has been used a specific convention for the names to assign to the files, putting as beginning of the name the year, so that these were ordered chronologically. Therefore, an advertising scan should always be inserted with a file name in the form:


where the month can be omitted if you do not know it, and the year could be indicated approximately (for example in the form 192x) when it is not known precisely. The model can be omitted if the advertisement is generic, and if more than one appears, use the name of the most important one. Words must be separated by hyphens and the short description must be used to distinguish advertisements of the same period and stay within the 2 words; an example is: 1908-Waterman-GiftSanta.jpg.

As for the photographs and documents for each scan must be used a special wiki text to insert the information on their pages, this also has been standardized to be consistent, and use a template (Template:AdsInfo) that allows an automatic generation of content and classifications. An example of this text is something like the following:

|Marca = Advertising company (ex. Waterman)
|Data = Date, when known (in ISO format, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)
|Giornale = Newspaper in which it is published (ex. Collier's)
|Editore = Person who has published (usually used for catalogues of shops or similar)
|Sottotitolo=Eventual subtitle of the newspaper (ex. The National Weekly) 
|Volume = Volume of the newspaper (if known)
|Annata = Year of the newspaper (if known)
|Numero = Number of the newspaper (if known)
|Pagina = Page number (if known, not currently used)
|Datazione = Dating type (seller, back, archive, etc. see the  [[:Template:Datazione|related template]])
|Numerazione = Put "yes" if it contains references to numbers used by the brand
|Creatore = Author or supplier of the scan
|Autore = Author of the illustration and web address (as name of the author, a comma and the website address about him, if existing)
|Paese = Country of advertising, with the two-letter code of the domain names in capitals (e.g. IT, UK, US, etc.)
|Oggetto = Type of advertising object, such as sticker, postcard, etc. (see the [[:Template:ObjectAds|relative template]])
|Ritocchi = If it has been retouched (then put "yes")
|Note_it = A brief description in Italian (free text even on several lines, enter semantic data of the model if any)
|Note_en = A brief description in English (free text even on several lines, enter semantic data of the model if any)
|Sede = Address of the brand shown in the AD
|Tema = One or more "thematic" labels, separated by commas
|Slogan = Slogan used in the advertising