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When someone has to deal with vintage fountain pens, nothing is more common then haaving to do with malfunctions or damages suffered by an object whose age could easily exceed their own. In this page we collected a series of articles, references and resources that we believe may be useful for those who want to make their repairs, (materials, equipment, reports, notes, references to professionals).

This page collects resources and useful information for repair, and summarizes them in an index. Materials and equipment are instead here. An index of repair topics discussed on the forum is here.

Being the result of personal experience of non-professional repairers, no responsibility is assumed for any short-term or long-term damage. However, they will still appreciate corrections and suggestions for which reference is made to the forum.

In order to make repairs, even the most simpler,some materials and a minimum of equipment are still needed, making it possible to operate adequately on an old fountain pen. Many of these can also be used for maintenance and repair of modern pens.

We gathered in this page everything present on this site relating to materials and repair equipment, with a list and a summary classification of the same.

Although it is possible to make some repairs at hoe, sometime they are beyond an hobbist reach and in some cases it is virtually impossible to carry them out if you are not equipped with the appropriate tools. For these cases in the forum is mantained a list of professional restorers, who you can contact.

The page is the following:

  • Article from the site of Glenn Marcus on how to customize a pen. Exceptional!
  • Article Wim Geeraets on customizing nibs (the "Nib grinding")
  • Section on repairs and spare parts on David Nishimura blog, a lot of information.
  • Article from Richard Binder on how to replace a rubber sac.
  • Article from Richard Binder on how to repair a Vacumatic.
  • Article from Tom Westerich on how to replace the cork seal in a piston filler.
  • Article from Tom Westerich on the restoration of Pelikan piston fillers.
  • Fountain Pen Restoration Blog from a non-professional restorer, with beautiful photos, and a lot of information and articles.
  • Video on the basis of pens repair.
  • Article from Ron Zorn with useful tips for repairs and how to build tools without spending much.
  • Article repair of a twist filler Oxford.
  • Website a repairman Japanese, with many photos of the dismantled pens, unfortunately there is the language barrier.


Allineamento del pennino su una Parker 51


Blocco di estrazione per i pennini

  • "Da book" $ 20 VERY well spent. To be studied: only drawings, no pictures
  • Marshall e Oldfield other £ 35 well spent. To be studied: a lot of photos

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