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Year Event
1919 the company is founded by Giuseppe Tantini, Giorgio Stiassi in Bologna
1919 the company future owners of Scotland and Tabo trademarks, is founded
1920 the company founds A.S.C.A. (Azienda Specializzata in Cancelleria ed Affini)
1920 Stiassi e Tantini register The Scotland Pen Italiana at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna
1931 the company registers the The Scotland Pen Italiana trademark
1936 the company registers the new trademark Scotland Italiana
1939 Stiassi e Tantini become S.I.S.A. (Società Italiana Stilografiche e Affini) and starts usinig Tabo trademark
1940 S.I.S.A. (owner of Tabo trademark) become F.I.S.A. (Fabbrica Italiana Stilografiche e Affini) (approximate date[1])
1948 the company ceases operations
  1. supposed few time after S.I.S.A. foundation