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blow filler

The first working version of pneumatic loading can be considered the blow filler created by Seth Sear Crocker in 1901 (nº US-678547). The system was very simple both in terms of operating mode and construction, but it was really very uncomfortable to use.

In the blow filler indeed the pneumatic pressure is generated directly from the user of the pen that must blow (from this the name comes from) inside the barrel through a special hole drilled on the bottom of the same. The pressure thus generated compresses the internal sac and allows the subsequent filling of the pen.

Obviously to be able to use the blow filler you need good lungs to be able to blow with force, and you need to do so in a position where the pen has the nib immersed in the ink, which makes this filling system anything but comfortable. For this reason the pens were also supplied with a pump to be used as an aid for filling.

Because of its poor convenience the system had a short life and was used exclusively by the Crocker, who still looked for alternatives with its hatchet filler, but from it derives the Chilton pneumatic system made by the son of Seth Crocker, which although being one of the most original and effective systems ever made, did not have the success it deserved.