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spoon filler

The spoon filler owes its name to the shape of the bar used to compress the tank, which is similar to that of a spoon. In this case, the pressure is exerted on the enlarged end of the spoon, which is accessed by unscrewing a blind cap placed on the bottom of the pen barrel. The bar is properly hinged to the bottom of the barrel, so that the pressure on the spoon, moving the internal section of the bar, causes it to press on the sac.

Diagram of a pen with spoon filler

Various companies have used this type of loading, such as Columbus, which patented a version in 1929 (nº GB-334913), but in general it introduces unnecessary mechanical complexity and greater stress on the materials of the pen, without providing any particular benefits. It has been adopted mostly as an attempt to circumvent patents on lever filler, or as a sign of distinction with respect to other mechanisms, as it avoids the side slit for the lever, but has never been a significant success.