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Year Event
1841 George Sheppard started a gold nibs manufacturing company, is the origin of the company
1862 John Holland acquire George Sheppard activity, giving birth to John Holland Pen Company
1865 the company starts fountain pen production [1]
1879 the company began fountain pens marketing
1884 the company open a new factory dedicated to fountain pens production
1889 the company is incorporated
1905 the company introduces the Eureka
1905 the company introduces the sleeve filler
1906 the company introduces the pull filler
1908 the company introduces the hatchet filler
1908 the company introduces the elastic feed
1915 the company retires the pull filler
1917 John Holland dies, his sons take over the management
1919 the company retires the hatchet filler
1920 the company start using the lever filler
1925 the company convert production to celluloid
1950 the company ceases operations
  1. as claimed in this advertisement.