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In 1919 the first lever filler and safety models were introduced, the following year the brand The Conway Stewart was officially registered (with the number 407502). In 1922 new models were introduced, including the Dinkie,[1] which will become the most famous product of the company (so that the name became a registered trademark in 1924). The Dinkie was a small and functional pen, which was produced in different versions for over 40 years. In 1924 Conway Stewart was the first British company to sell celluloid pens,[2] The use of celluloid, for the variety and richness of the colors they used, is one of the distinguishing features of this brand.
  1. the date is uncertain, someone makes it go back to 1920 (see this reference), but this is what the company says on its website.
  2. someone dates the use of celluloid (as the creation of Dinkie) back to 1920, challenging the primacy of LeBoeuf.