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While maintaining previous models production the new Columbus began to put attention in to technical innovations. A new double channel feeder, used on top line models until the 40s, was created, and the company began testing the use of celluloid. The company tried to position themselves on the market aiming to produce pens which were generally of good quality but sold at the lowest prices possible. In 1929 a new filling system was patented (on the mechanism is imprinted the nº IT-268327, not present in any archive, but the nº GB-334913 is present), essentially an own version of the spoon filler. This patent also has a very interesting story, there is in fact a variant of 1931, the nº CA-327288, that's assigned to the Mabie Todd company, that in that period was about to launch its leverless filler, which creates an unexpected link between these two companies.