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In the mid '20s also Aurora started production of celluloid pens, and in 1927 introduced the Duplex series;[1] for its name was called a contest, the outcome of which was not then used.[2] The pen was a lever filler, proposed in four measures. I was a clear imitation of the Duofold with the cap head in black hard rubber and a ball washer clip. But unlike the Duofold the top models of Duplex have a metal clip with enchased with a fine filigree decoration, which makes the Duplex a real jewel of the Italian style.
  1. there are some wrong references to this series as the Internazionale, for example in the Enrico Castruccio book La Penna.
  2. contrary to what Luca De Ponti argues in his book, the name chosen by the contest was not Duplex, but "Alata", as evidenced by this advertisement.