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Gold rolled

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#RINVIA [[File:TheKing-Overlay-Cap.jpg|thumb|The tines of an [[Aurora 88P]] hooded nib]] While in the US is commonly used to call gold laminated finishes ''Gold Rolled'' (or ''"Gold Filled"'' o ''"Rolled Gold Plate"'', in the European production is commonly used the abbreviation [[KR]], short for ''"Karat Rolled"'' that usually indicates the titling of gold laminations are often found for [[overlay]]s, following the abbreviation is the title of gold percentage present in the rolling, expressed in carats, therefore the sign ''18 KR'' indicates a 18 carat gold lamination, while the sign ''14 KR '' a 14 carat gold lamination. In Italy the abbreviation was later translated, in the wake of the Italianisation campaign by the fascist regime, as ''Karati Rinforzati'' to keep the acronym (partial translation, because "Karati" is not Italian). Today it would simply indicated as ''goldplated''. The "KR" letters often draws in confusion because they are taken as titration for the coating material, which instead it is not gold. The solid gold has to b stamped by the acronym using a direct expression in carats (today, and in newer pens, it should be stamped as a millesimal percentage). So it would be indicated, depending on the country, or with the "K" only or just the "C" only (as ''18 K'' or ''C 18'') or by the letters "Kt" or "Ct" (''14 Kt'' or ''14 Ct''), and sometimes, in Italian pens, even with "Ki". [[Category:Glossary]][[Category:Translated Pages]]

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