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[[Image:1937-12-Conklin-Nozac.jpg|thumb|A [[Nozac]] advertising from 1937.]]
<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">The company was still declining and in [[1938]] all the [[Conklin]] assets were transferred to the investor group ''Chicago Interests''. The following year Toledo plants were closed and the production was moved to Chicago. The previous models remained in production during the war but few pens were produced. In the following years the production continued to move towards the low end of the market with economic fountain pens to and a low cost ballpoint. Although some of these models, like the [[Glider]], have some collectors interest, the [[Conklin]] production progressively reduced in quality and quantity, to completely cease in [[1948]] (or [[1955]]?).</span>
Today, as it happened for many other historical brands, [[Conklin]] was rebuild in 2000 and operates now as ''Conklin Pen Co. Inc.'' Its pens are essentially some replica of the successful models of the brand golden years, but as it happens for most of the modern pens, they have no particular qualities that can distinguish them from other pens, especially when compared with their beautiful ancestor.

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