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[[Image:1924-08-Conklin-Endura-Student.jpg|thumb|left|An [[Endura]] AD's of 1924.]]
<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">At that time however the company was no longer a market leader, but was merely following trends set by the others companies. An example of this is the introduction in [[1929]] (or in [[1930]]),<ref>different source reports both dates.</ref> of its ''[[streamlined ]]'' model, the [[Symetrik]], following the new trend launched by the [[Sheaffer]] [[Balance]]. The sales were in constant decline and the company suffered heavily from the effects of the great recession of '29. Around [[1930]] [[Conklin]] started an economy line named [[All-American]].</span>
The last [[Conklin]] important model was the [[Nozac]], designed by ''Louis Vavrik'' and introduced in [[1931]]. [[Nozac]] is the only American pen equipped with a [[piston filler]]; it had a transparent tank with large ink capacity (further highlighted, since [[1934]], by the ''word gauge'', a scale that measured the number of words remaining). The pen, produced in beautiful color and with a multifaceted body, is one of the best model of that time, but the mechanism, derived from that one of a mechanical pencil, was not particularly robust and efficient and the pen did not have the success that it would have deserved. In [[1937]] a [[plunger filler]] version of [[Nozac]], called [[One Stroke]], was produced.

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