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In the early '60s the [[Osmia]] trademark was no longer used; a number of hooded nib plastic models were introduced, they were thinner than previous one and marked ''A. W. Faber-Castell'', with a transparent section for ink level view. The luxury line was called [[Faber-Castell 66|66]], with body in black, red, blue or green plastic, rolled gold cap and gold nib, the mid range models were called [[Faber-Castell Progress]] and produced in three versions: the 77S in plastic with a steel nib, the 55S with silver cap, plastic body and steel nib, the 55G with gold nib. It was also produced a student model called 54VT, because the ''Vest Tank'', with a secondary reservoir usable through a valve.
<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">In the late '60s, as for most of the other fountain pens producers, having also completely erased a prestigious brand that enjoyed a wide popularity, sales had an irreversible decline, holding only partially for the students pens. In [[1975]], during a corporation restructuration, [[Faber-Castell]] completely eliminated the entire field of fountain pens production, resuming today, with the return of interest for this popular writing tool.</span>
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