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[[Image:1905-Conklin-Crescent.jpg|thumb|An AD's of 1905.]]
<span class="mw-translate-fuzzy">The company strong initial success was due to the creation of the [[Crescent Filler]], which was the first automatic filling mechanism truly reliable. These [[Conklin Crescent Filler|firsts models]] were made in [[BCHR|chased hard rubber]] like other pens of the same period, but their innovative filling system led the company at the top of the market. In [[1904]], ''Roy Conklin'' withdrew from company selling all its shares, after that the ownership passed hands several times.<ref>for this event [] says around 1907, while Michael Fultz says 1904, citing J. F. Vogel as new president, J. H. Doyle as vice president and H. E. Fisher as secretary/treasurer, so we decided to use his date for citing also a lot more details.</ref> In this golden period [[Conklin]] followed a policy of trade expansion, with vigorous promotional campaigns, exporting even in Europe and South America.</span>
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