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The last [[Conklin]] important model was the [[Nozac]], designed by ''Louis Vavrik'' and introduced in 1931. [[Nozac]] is the only American pen equipped with a [[piston filler]]; it had a transparent tank with large ink capacity (further highlighted, since 1934, by the ''word gauge'', a scale that measured the number of words remaining). The pen, produced in beautiful color and with a multifaceted body, is one of the best model of that time, but the mechanism, derived from that one of a mechanical pencil, was not particularly robust and efficient and the pen did not have the success that it would have deserved. In 1937 a [[plunger filler]] version of [[Nozac]], called [[One Stroke]], was produced.
[[Image:1937-12-Conklin-Nozac.jpg|thumb|Pubblicità della A [[Nozac]] del advertising from 1937.]]
The company was still declining and in 1938 all the [[Conklin]] assets were transferred to the investor group ''Chicago Interests''. The following year Toledo plants were closed and the production was moved to Chicago. The previous models remained in production during the war but few pens were produced. In the following years the production continued to move towards the low end of the market with economic fountain pens to and a low cost ballpoint. Although some of these models, like the [[Glider]], have some collectors interest, the [[Conklin]] production progressively reduced in quality and quantity, to completely cease in 1948 (or 1955?).

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