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Production of ''Cervinia'' pens is referred to a possible collaboration with [[Montegrappa]] for both the stylistic affinity, that for the discovery of sample in white/red cardboard boxes similar to those used by the latter for the [[Domino]] models, but as often happens in these cases there are no documentary confirmations. It consists mostly of midrange [[celluloid]] models, with a clip bearing the brand name engraving.
<div class="mw-translate-fuzzy">Is attributed to the activities of ''Giuseppe Carboni'' also the production, located in the '40s, of the fountain pens with the [[Royal]] trademark, recorded in [[1946]] ({{Marchio|88945}}) as ''The Royal Pen''. These are pens bearing the ''Royal'' name engraving on the clip and on the nib, and the ''Royal Pen - Patented'' imprint on the body. It is not clear whether there is a relationship with the brand ''The Royal'' previously recorded by [[Uhlmann's Eterno]] ({{Marchio|14896}}). These are economic pens, aimed at the student market, but produced in beautiful ringed celluloid and still of good quality. In particular are very interesting and well-made the ​​[[Vacumatic]] copies produced with this brand, for whose origins there are conflicting versions.<ref>in the discussion on the first reference is reported as the nephew of the producer gave conflicting version, talking both about direct production or the commission to [[ Stiassi e Tantini|Tantini]] of Bologna. </ref></div>
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