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Gold rolled

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[[File:TheKing-DuoStyle-Overlay-GuillocheExagon-Set-Cap.jpg|thumb|A gold rolled (''"18 KR"'') cap]]
While in the US is commonly used to call gold laminated finishes ''"Gold Rolled"'' (or ''"Gold Filled"'' o ''"Rolled Gold Plate"''), in the European production is commonly used the abbreviation [[KR]], short for ''"Karat Rolled"'' that usually indicates the titling of gold laminations are often found for [[overlay]]s. Before the abbreviation there is the title of gold percentage present in the rolling, expressed in carats, therefore the sign ''"18 KR"'' indicates a 18 carat gold lamination, while the sign ''"14 KR"'' a 14 carat gold lamination.

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