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This is why in [[1921]] also [[Conklin]] started producing models with a peculiar [[lever filler]] mechanism, ingeniously constructed so that only half of the lever was in the open. With the introduction of the large dimension pens trend started by the [[Duofold]] also [[Conklin]] introduced in [[1923]] the [[Duragraph]] model. The following year the [[Duragraph]] was renamed as [[Endura]] and the production was converted to celluloid. Initial model were in black or red hard rubber, but soon they were produced in celluloid, with different colors like ''Rosewood'', ''Black & Gold'', ''Lime Green'', ''Lapis blue'' and the rare ''Blue & Gold'' present only on smaller models.
[[ImageFile:Conklin-Endura-Big-Series-Colors-SetCapped.jpg|thumb|A set of [[Endura]]]]
The [[Endura]] was the top model of [[Conklin]], with the name put on the nib and the body, produced in three version, a short vest pocket, a standard and senior senior size. In the same time were also produced an economic model for students (that so collector are calling [[Conklin Student|Student]]), with the same shape and dimension of the [[Endura]] standard model, also produced in pastel colors.

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